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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Creative Writing Course Module 1

I am taking a creative writing course. :D  I have always had ideas for writing, but not the creativity.  I never thought that I could write.  I saw this course "Creativity Alley: 21 Ways to Jumpstart Your Muse" A Writing Bliss!(tm) Series E-mail Course for Writers.

It was Created by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ -    I am taking the free 7 Module course.

Shery Arrieta-Russ said that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's book, "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience", tells us that: the creative person has 10 characteristics.

The Creative person:

    1. has a great deal of energy, but is also often quiet
        and at rest
    2. tends to be smart, yet also naive at the same time
    3. has a combination of playfulness and discipline, or
        responsibility and irresponsibility
    4. alternates between imagination and fantasy at one end, and rooted sense of reality at the other
    5. seems to harbor opposite tendencies on the continuum between extroversion and introversion
    6. is remarkably humble and proud at the same time
    7. to a certain extent, escapes rigid gender role
        stereotyping and has a tendency toward androgyny
    8. is thought to be rebellious and independent
    9. is very passionate about his/her work, yet he/she can be extremely objective about it as well
    10. is open and sensitive

To my suprise, I meet more of the characteristics than not.  :D  It is so invigorating to find out that I am a creative person, instead of bland and boring. 

The Assignment was to: "List at least 20 original uses for tons of punched paper holes.  Do this in 10 minutes or less.  Describe each use in a sentence or two."

"Example: Uses for punched paper holes
    - Use them as decorative linings for pillow cases and/or table linens."

  • Use them as a stuffing for a small decorative pillow.
  • Children can glue them to pictures (If they are multi-colored)
  • Use them as decorative patterns on art projects
  • Use them as decorative patterns on fabric
  • Stuff plastic or fabric bags for decorations with them: for fall festivals, etc...
  • Use them in counting exercise lessons
  • Make paper mache projects with them
  • Use them as decorations on photos
  • Use them as decorations on scrapbooking
  • Use them as decorations on boxes
  • Use them to make more paper
  • Use them to make decorative holiday wrapping paper
  • Use them to make Cards
  • Use them to make wreaths
  • Use them as decorative linings on furniture and/or picture frames
  • Use them as confetti at weddings
  • Use them to decorate tables at special events
  • Use them to "Color" pictures
  • Use them as decorative outlines for belts and/or hats
  • Use them to make mosaics for Windows and/or bookmarks

Boy, this was hard. lol  I didn't think I would ever get done and I think it may have taken the whole 10 minutes.

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