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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Commonplace Book... The Marvel of it All

The Marvel of it All

     One of Leona Tarry's sisters (Doris) attends the same church that I attend. She had brought this book in and had left it to be read. I love reading biographies (especially Missionaries stories) and thought it looked like a good book to read.  I am only on Chapter 3 and I love it.  I can already see that I will be slowly reading and noting down many passages and quotes with this book.  Since this book belongs to Doris, I plan to save all the quotes and my thoughts here at my blog.   

Chapter 1: Our Journey to a Foreign Land


Have you been impressed in such a way spiritually
That you have stopped, lingered in meditation recently
Long enough to be enamored, thrilled, or stricken in awe
About the Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus,
and the marvel of it all?

Many occasions are in the entire Holy Bible --
In fact so many that it is factually undeniable --
In which individuals or peoples were amazed
and overwhelmed
When they felt God's mysterious presence all around

They reflected on their experiences with God and pondered
About life, God's grace, His power and glory, and wondered
As to their purpose of life and management of resources
in their hands,
Also of the mysterious and spectacular things
they did in the land. (pg 15)

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