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Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Commonplace Book... Christy

 Hardback copy: Library of Congress Catalog Card #67-24957

I started reading this book and came upon a discussion between Christy and Miss Alice concerning a "Religion of fears".  I know a lady who has a religion of fear. She has practically driven her children away from God because she has taught them that God is a judge who does not have mercy.  This makes me so sad. :(

Christy: "'I hate a religion of fears,' I said with feeling."

Miss (Alice) Henderson: "'I do too, and my parents before me. My father was a strict member of the Society of Friends up in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. But he had one favorite saying that sounds anything but strict. I grew up on it.' Here Miss Alice's eyes took on a soft remembering look. 'He was a tall man, stood so straight, but there were curves of fun around his mouth. 'Before God,' he would often say to me, 'I've just one duty as a father. That is to see that thee has a happy childhood tucked under thy jacket.'"

Christy: "I like that. And did you have a happy childhood?"

Miss Henderson: "'The happiest imaginable. And you see, father was wise. He knew that I couldn't have an earthly father who would provide joy all my days, and then be able to conceive of God as a stern judge wanting to take all my fun from me.' Miss Henderson sighed. 'One of our tasks here is to show folks a God who wants to give them joy. How they need joy!'" (pg 61)

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