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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Review: Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends (Silhouette Romance)Just Between Friends by Julianna Morris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Info
Pages: 192
Version: Mass Media Paperback
Publisher: Silhouette
Genre: Harlequin Romance
Series: Harlequin Jazmin #4 (5 or more)
ISBN: 0373197314 (ISBN13: 9780373197316)

I own a copy of this book and have not profited in any way for this review.

From paperbackswap:
"They've been stick-up-for-each-other friends since they were kids. But now Katrina Douglas was beautiful, all grown up...and still asking for her best buddy's help. Only this time, she didn't want Dylan as her stand-in date at some stuffy charity event -- she wanted him as her full-time husband! — And Dylan O'Rourke would do almost anything for Kate. Even walk down the aisle and tie the temporary knot with a little white "I do" lie. But playing husband meant living with a friend who seemed more like a sexy woman -- his woman -- every day. Suddenly, being 'just friends' didn't seem like enough...."

I found this to be a short, light read. There wasn't a "story" to it, just concentrating on "Katydid" (Dylan's nickname for Kate) and Dylan's relationship and their learning to live together. I loved the book, but it isn't a "keeper" as books by Christine Feehan's are for me. I was disappointed a bit though. In the book, a big thing was made about Kate being an author, but hiding it from Dylan. The book never resolved this issue and just left you hanging. Kate was also portrayed as flighty, gay, and not letting her childhood get to her. She was emotionally abandoned by her rich parents and this didn't seem to affect her married life at all. I don't feel that an issue such as this could just "go away". It may have been better if the book had addressed this issue. This may be my wishful thinking though. :D Mentally wanting the book to have more "meat" to it.

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