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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FIR '10 Reading Questions #2

I am so, so sorry that I have been unable to post my response to the next few questions. :D

And now, for question #2
What do you think about e-books? Do you engage in e-reading or do you prefer to stick to good ol’ physical books?
I really do not know what to think of e-books.  I don't have a kindle or anything like that, but I have downloaded books or reading material from the internet. Usually they are in pdf or word files. (I have told everyone that asked me, that I wanted a Kindle for Christmas this year. lol). :D  I do have a problem with the computer screen hurting my eyes, so I don't know if it would be good to continue with reading on the internet. 

I also LOVE to read paperback and good Hardback Books.  Can anyone beat seeing them (hardback books) in the shelf, smelling their book smells, and feeling the paper of the pages as you turn them?

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