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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FIR '10: Reading Questions

Callapidder wanted to post a question every Tuesday for Fall into Reading 2010. :D so, here goes ;D

 "What is your biggest reading obstacle? OR, if you feel like you already read as much as you want to, what choices have you made to make that happen?"

Really, several different things cause me reading obstacles. The top two obstacles, if I had to list them, would be getting older and other distractions. :D Please, let me clarify.

1. Getting older: When I was a teenager, it was nothing for me to read till 2-3 a.m. (and getting up the next morning at 7-8 a.m.) depending on what I was reading and how interesting the books were. I am now in my 30s and I find myself having to go to bed by 10:30 pm. This isn't just because of my age, but also because I have to be up in the mornings for work. I really have started to have to get 7 1/2 to 8 hrs sleep a night just to stay awake the next day. :(

2. Distractions: There are too many distractions these days. When I was a teenager, my family didn't have a computer and the TV was VCR's. I didn't have to go to work and earn a living and life was care free. I had loads of time to read. lol. Nowadays, There is the Internet and games on the computer (like Callappider, I get distracted by things like e-mail, and just surfing the Internet.) I do read on the Internet though, so :D that counts, right? he he I also work in an office. when I get home, I don't want to read, I just want to sit down and relax. Then there are days when I have to stay in town. for example: AWANA's and the Cubbies where I am a co-leader, and the town Christmas Cantata is going on right now. That is another day that I am in town late. These add up and when I go home, it is almost time to go to bed (see #1. lol)

So, there you have it. My life is pretty full and I have many obstacles in my way of reading. If it wasn't for the dratted getting older and all the distractions that go around. :D

So, what about you?

Margret M. (Ladybug) Schlageter

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