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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Commonplace Book... Virtuous Womanhood

What does womanhood mean and what does it entail?  Miss Bailey who writes the blog: Big House in the Little Woods attended a lecture titled "Women of Virtue".  I would have loved to attend this lecture, also, if it had been in my area. Something Miss Bailey said about this lecture really made me think.
"Feminine strength calls out masculine strength in men. What happens when a man feels intimidated by a strong woman? In a nutshell, that's his problem. A woman does a man no favors by weakening her nature, suppressing her opinion or silencing her voice. True men of virtue can handle true women of virtue. If they can't, they need to mature using feminine strength as an inspiration to discover masculine strength. Beyond this, there is a danger in becoming weak, because weakness calls out the wrong kind of strength in a man -- a bullying, authoritarian, obtuse strength.

Being weak doesn't do anyone any kind of favors."  ~ Bailey 

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