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Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Commonplace Book... Baby Names

I have always wanted children. Every so often I will find myself thinking of what I would name these imaginary children of mine. I have finally narrowed it down to eight choices for the eight children I want. :) I have always wanted eight children in the following order. One boy, twin boys, then a twin boy and girl with the girl being younger, a single girl and finally twin girls. The reasons are varied but come down to the boys would be older and able to protect their sisters. the youngest girls would avoid being the spoiled ones and would have someone within their age groups to play with and be best friends. The boys would also have ready made friends within their same ages to play with.

Here they are for perusal along with my reasons for that specific name:


1. Hadassah Marie (Hadassah is the Hebrew version of Esther, from the Bible, and means "Myrtle Tree". I have always loved that name and the book of Esther in the Bible is one of my favorite books.  I was also born in the same month and week as Purim is celebrated. Marie is in honor of some of the women in my family. My Grandmother's name was Marion Marie, My Aunt's name is Rosa Marie and my Mother's name is Jacquelyn Ann Marie.)
2. Naomi Ann (Naomi is from the Bible and means "Beautiful, Pleasant, Delightful". Ann means "Grace, Favor" and is in honor of my Mother.) =)
3. Miriam Aviya (Miriam is a version of Mary. Aviya is also a beautiful name from the Hebrew language which means "God is my Father").
4. Hannah Ruth (Both Hannah "Grace, Favor" and Ruth "Friend" are from the Bible and I have always admired both women.)


1. Michael Paul (Michael "Who is like God" is from the Bible and is in honor of one of my brothers whose name is John Michael. Paul "Small, Humble" is from the Bible.)
2. John Andrew (John "God is Gracious" in honor of my brother John Michael, It is also from the Bible. Andrew "Man, Warrior" is from the Bible.)
3. Peter Jackson (Peter "Stone" from the Bible and Jackson in honor of my other brother Fred Jackson, my Father George Jackson and my Great Grandfather whose name was also Fred Jackson.)
4. George Theo (George "Farmer" in honor of my Father George Jackson. Theo "Gift of God" is a name I like the way it sounds.)

So, there you have my picks for baby names. Now, I just need some babies. lol

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