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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Commonplace Book... What God Sees

I read this on and kept it because it really touched me. I am unable to find it now. It has disappeared from and the only author I could find with the name of Aamalie didn't have poems for Christian subjects listed.

What God Sees

When God looks down from heaven,
What does He see?
People overcome with lust, overcome
with greed.

People wearing black, hating the world,
renouncing His name.
People profaning, cursing, crying out
to Him in vain.

Where did the love go, the Lord's
greatest feat?
Into the garbage cans, overflowing
onto the street.

When God listens to prayers, what
does He hear?
People begging for miracles,
shedding false tears.

He shows them the path, with a
hand wise and strong,
yet they refuse His help,
saying He's wrong.

They hold their facade,
saying He's the one
But why then do they
shrug off the teachings of the Son?

They persecute and judge,
based on color of skin.
They take things to eye,
and ignore what's within.

Admitting that God is real is what
they say gives them leave.
But guess again, for the devil
also believes.

In truth, there's but one way
to get to heaven.
Let Jesus into your heart,
then your sins will be forgiven


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