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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Review: Cat of the Century

Cat of the Century is about Aunt Tally turning 100. While attending a party/fund raiser for her Alma Mater, someone turns up missing. Everyone will be wondering what could be happening. Aunt Tally is also curious about an old unsolved murder that happened in the 60s.

Like other reviews I wanted to say great things about this book, but I cannot.  I give this book 3/5.

(spoiler alert)

The Anti-tax, Anti-Government, Anti-this and Anti-that drove me crazy. Every page you turned to was new "this is what is wrong with the world" diatribes of "Everyone". One place, Harry says that she averaged 22 miles with her new car (with 6 cylinders). 0_o? If they are so concerned with gas prices, safety, and the environment (from previous discussion between Harry and Fair) why did Fair buy such a car? My car has 4 cylinders (better than 6), gets around 34-36 miles, and is front wheel drive (much better in snow and bad weather). There was such a dichotomy between the character's words and their actions. In one scene, it is implied that they would regret buying this car, but nowhere did I read or see that in the book. I also had a hard time finishing this book because of just not being able to keep my interest. :(

One problem was the wanting to make drugs legal. One thing to believe it, but another to not report it when you find it. Harry could have possibly "saved" one characters life if she had followed the law and they may have even solved the other case quicker without the danger to Aunt Tally and Inez. Not reporting this crime made Harry as bad or "Worse" than the murderer.


I have not received any compensation for this review.  The book is from my local library, that I just wanted to review.

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