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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Review: 44 Scotland Street

Here is the Goodreads description. 
"Originally published in 110 installments in The Scotsman, 44 Scotland Street recounts the intersecting lives of inhabitants of a multiple-occupancy building in Edinburgh. At the center of the entertaining entanglement is Pat, a 20-year-old gallery employee who makes a startling discovery about a lost masterpiece."
 While "44 Scotland Street" was generally a good book, I just could not enjoy it.  In fact, I was unable to finish reading the book.  I stopped around chapter 54. The chapters were extremely short (about 1 to 2 pages) and would generally switch between several different story threads. These threads would at times interconnect and affect one another or would run entirely independent of each other. This book was an episodic work of fiction that was originally presented in a serial format for a newspaper. I never could get into Soap Operas and this book was just too much like them for me to enjoy. I give this book 3/5

I received no compensation whatsoever for this review.  I borrowed the book from my library and just wanted to publish my review.

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